Questions from strangers I had.

-Where would you like to invite?
-In Moscow
– Where exactely?
-To a hotel
– Where is the hotel?
– In Moscow.


I don’t answer on such question as i consider this information is confidential.

I don’t offer travel and generally don’t see any sense to talk about with number or no number on telegram/ whatsapp. I don’t know you at all, you know me from the Internet.

Overnight booking is not offered, you may do booking for the 1 or 2 hrs session, if you have a feeling that you want to continue you can ask personally duruing the meeting.

If your personal decision to claim that is not real, I don’t think I can help you.

I not ready to have a deal with someone who is talking in the way of an ultimatum. If you had such experience with someone else please redirect your personal drama to that person or company because I have nothing to do with. Kindly ask before contact me check my a lot of verified ads on many websites, some of my social pages and simply google images search. You will confident that these images are unique and related to the only one owner.

Whatever, I don’t think that normal person can talk in such manner. Please find someone else.


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